Flight Plans

The flight plans for our two flights have been published by NASA.

Update from NASA’s SOFIA Team:  The areas coded by color on the flight plans indicate restricted areas for flight, requiring various levels of clearance.  On one recent flight, SOFIA had to change the flight path mid-flight, and got special permission to fly through “Area 51”.

Here they are:

September 15/16 Flight Plan:

Sept 15 Flight Plan

September 17/18 Flight Plan:

Sept 17 Flight Plan

7 thoughts on “Flight Plans

  1. Mr. K, Can you explain to us what the pink, yellow, and orange sketches are on the flight plans? It looks very interesting! Christy

    Christy Houston TSVI, COMS Student Support Center Clovis Municipal Schools 575-769-4490, ext. 3403

    On Thu, Aug 27, 2015 at 12:00 PM, countdownwithmrk wrote:

    > Mr. K posted: “The flight plans for our two flights have been published by > NASA. Here they are: September 15/16 Flight Plan: September 17/18 Flight > Plan: “


  2. Blessings Mr. K
    It is getting better by the day. I just took a quick peek at your flight plans and it is amazing. If I am getting this right, you guys have an amazing trajectory with extraordinary checkpoints along your stratospheric route. There is a Greek legend regarding UMi and the old dragon wing, I think Beta (Kochab) is the second important star? Not sure. So many constellations and asteroids at your display, that’s amazing. Are you guys looking at the Planetary Nebula 19306+1407? And don’t stare for too long at Erato, according to Greek mythology she had a strong influence… not to worry. Indeed Mr. K, that’s probably a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience this unique view of our universe from a stratospheric front seat. Thank God for this marvelous opportunity.
    Keep us informed,


    1. Ah, Charlie, you are well versed in astronomical legend! We should learn soon what the observational targets are and the science for them. I’ll pass that info along when we get it. Stay tuned…


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