SOFIA Videos

8 thoughts on “SOFIA Videos

    1. Carybeth, those are some very good questions! The actual flying time aboard SOFIA will be about 10 hours, but we will on the aircraft for a couple of hours before take off and for a short time after landing, so yes, it will all end up being somewhere around 14 hours spent on SOFIA per flight. Now I have a question for you. If I will be on SOFIA for 14 hours for each flight, and I will have two flights, how much total time will I spend on SOFIA?

      And for your second question, SOFIA is a flying observatory and because it is an airplane, it has a limited amount of space available. That space is used up with all of the scientific instruments, computers, and science workstations, among other items, so there really isn’t room to put a coffee maker on on board.


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