Q & A

Share questions and answers here along with students and teachers from NM and around the country. So here are my questions for you.  Post your answers so that we can share and grow in our scientific knowledge. Question #1: Here is a picture of the reflecting telescope that we have here at NMSBVI. It has […]

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The SOFIA Boeing 747SP

The SOFIA aircraft is a Boeing 747SP with a distinguished history. It was originally acquired by Pan American World Airways and was delivered in May 1977. The “SP” designates that this is a special performance, short-body version of the 747, designed for longer flights than the Boeing 747 Classics (747-100, -200, and -300 series jetliners). […]

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What is Infrared Astronomy?

The heat that we feel from our Sun or from a fireplace is infrared radiation (thermal energy). Even objects that we think of as being very cold, such as ice cubes, emit thermal energy. Measuring the infrared energy from astronomical objects is difficult because most of it is blocked by Earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, most infrared […]

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Local Media

Newspaper Articles: Alamogordo educators take flight on NASA’s SOFIA NASA’s SOFIA has flight date Alamogordo Educators Ready to Take Off on NASA’s SOFIA Television News Stories: KRQE TV Story

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Greetings To You! I am very blessed that you have stopped by to share in this exciting adventure with me.  The time is fast approaching when I travel out to Palmdale, CA to experience the sights and sounds of Infrared Astronomy aboard the world’s largest flying observatory – NASA’s SOFIA Aircraft. SOFIA stands for the […]